Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Good bye blog!

hey everyone,
Sorry for not posting in like, forever, but I'm saying goodbye to this blog - boo. I just think when I first started this I wasn't really 'ready' to come into the blogging world, but now I feel like I am so I've opened a brand new blog!

Please please please come check mine out, it's


It would mean SO much to me that all 13 of you followed my new blog, which is currently at 0 followers, cry. If you don't have blogger you can even follow it by email, by entering your email into a gadget on the side bar, selecting submit and away you go :)

Thank-you for following me on my slightly immature blog, I hope to hear from you on my new one :D xxx

Thursday, 24 January 2013


The Glipho interface 'Desk' (basically our dashboard)

The lovely Maria from the new blog site glipho.com got in touch with me today via Twitter to ask whether I would like to use their platform to promote and show my blogs - of course, I said yes without hesitation! 

I was super excited to get into this so I created my account as soon as I got home from meeting my boyfriend out of workies. I love the way the desk is laid out, everything's so easy to spot and there are tonnes of writers out there whose posts are so interesting! When you sign up you get to choose what sort of style blog you're interested in following, I selected 'Beauty and Fashion' and 'Lifestyle' to get me started. 

It's so easy to export these blog posts into their interface too, you just find the export option in Blogger and copy and paste the file into Glipho - super quick and super easy!

I have a feeling I'm going to come to like this site alot, and I'll probably post on both so be sure to check me out over there too :) glipho.com/chloelouisecope. The only downside I would say with this website is that you can't customise it as much as blogger, with the themes and things so for people that really like to customise everything you may find it difficult loving the site as much as I do now!

Come visit? xx

Skincare Routine

Hello lovies,
As you may, or may not, know I've changed my view on make-up and skincare as part of my new New Years Resolutions (view here) and I'm going to make myself comfortable and confident enough with my skin so that I don't reach for my make-up as a daily feature. I thought I'd do a quick post then of my skincare routine as of today (it changes alot depending on how I'm feeling.)

Okay so first of here are all the products used in my skincare routine:

(apologies for the super big photo, because I take all my photos on my iPhone the detail wasn't great on smaller ones :( )

We've got:
- Garnier Makeup Remover for sensitive skin
- Fragrance free baby wipes
- Regular cotton wool pads
- Simple Intensive Hydrating Moisturiser
- St. Ives Apricot Exfoliating Wash
- Oilatum Moisturiser (Prescription but can also be bought)
- Simple Moisturising Facial Wash
- T-Zone Tea Tree Facial Wash
- Freederm spot and blemish gel

I use the majority of these products daily, it's only the exfoliating wash I use every 3 days because I don't want to buff my skin away daily, also I don't usually tend to use both facial washes, I'll either use the simple one or the tea tree one, it depends on my spot and blemish levels really. I tend to use the tea tree one when I have blemishes because I feel it will fight them alot better than the Simple wash.

I just want to take a moment to rave about the Freederm gel, this product is genuinely amazing in my opinion. It's a little expensive at £5.10 for a 10g tube but boy does this baby work! You put it on the spotty/blemished areas after washing and before moisturising and it basically targets those spots and blemishes that are annoying to get rid of using the active ingredients within. I use this only when I have spots and things and I've found it works wonders, the spots have decreased in size and their nearly pale after being red the day before. I also find that it doesn't dry my skin out like other spot sticks/gels I've used before. A definite holy grail product for me!

I didn't think I used alot of products until writing this post! Maybe I need to cut down on a few..

Do you have a holy grail skin care product? Have you used any of these products before? 
Please let me know, I love getting comments and I promise I'll reply :') x

Monday, 21 January 2013


Recently I've been finding that blogging makes me buy things that I will never necessarily use or want because my posts are seriously lacking in products recently. 

So I'm throwing it out there, to you guys, my lovely followers:
What blog posts would you like to see? 
I'll try to do them as quickly and as best as I can, being at college makes it difficult to post during the week but at weekends I'm sure I can get some in :) I'm also thinking of doing reviews on the products I got for Christmas as I've been using them repeatedly since and I can now give opinions, but if there are any products you'd specifically like me to review/talk about leave me a comment below and I'll be more than happy to put these top of my list!

Oo, I'm also thinking about taking a break from blogging for a while, I probably won't last very long because I do love it, but I want to focus on college and things as much as possible, after all, 5 months left then I'm gone from education forever.. Scary stuff.

Chlo x

Teeny Weeny Haul

Hello lovelies!
I put myself on a spending ban this year as part of my resolutions, it’s not a full ban as such because I still buy things but because I’ve given my boyfriend my card it’s hard to spend money on a whim because he has it most of the time – but on the odd occassion I do need to treat myself to some new little things, like last Wednesday. I rewarded myself for finishing my exam and feeling it went okay (usually they go terribly wrong!). We nipped into town and I spent all of £10 on myself, admittedly I bought Luke a hat, but it’s so cute.
I managed to find, among the mass of people, a lovely makeup bag from Primark – I know a lot of people slate this shop but I genuinely love going in (when it’s quiet) because some times they have little gems like this that you really can’t complain at buying!

As you can see it’s a lovely pale pink colour with little browny/grey reeds on and white petals, I think the tag called it the ‘Oriental Pattern’ which fits it perfectly. I also love the little plastic bead type jewel on the zip, it adds a little more girlyness which is super cute. This beauty only cost me £3 (!!) and I already love it, I can literally fit everything in. I don’t have a huge makeup collection (I only buy everyday items that I use daily) so it all fits in nicely, including my big tube of moisturiser and toner! Bonus as now I know when I grab this for a stayover or something everything’s in there, done and dusted.
I also got some gloves with the special pads at the end of the fingertips so I can use my iPhone as it’s so cold out and without gloves my hands freeze, but these were too big for me so I’ve given those to a friend without photographing them, sorry! They were also from Primark though, £2.50.
Luke treated me to some pieces of stationary I’ve been after for a while now from Paperchase. I’d been after a set of revision cards/index cards for a while because I find that when I make my own out of paper they get ruined so quickly and all my writing’s wonky because they aren’t any lines :(. So when we saw these index cards I knew I had to have them, they were a mere £2.75 for 100 and the quality of the card is super good, I bought a silver gel pen to go with them to make my revision notes that bit sparkly. I also go the travel cup on the right which I adore, I’ve used it every morning since buying it for when I’m waiting at the bus stop and I’m pretty sure everyone’s envious. It has cute little horses on, although weirdly the different parts of their body are different colours..
That’s literally it I’m afraid, it really was such a teeny weeny haul haha! Hopefully some more will be coming soon, also I’m thinking of some reviews of the things I got for Christmas.. Please follow/comment xxx

Sunday, 20 January 2013

New, New Year's Resolutions

This year I didn't really make any resolutions because I know I break them too quickly, but one thing I know I want to change this year is my confidence in my own skin, because yes, makeup is great, but once its been taken off, then what? Why don't we get comfortable and happy in our own skin first? Surely we'd save money on beauty products and all sorts? I know I have bad days where I'll be grabbing for my BB cream and powder but I'm aiming for 99% of my days wearing no makeup (except mascara, but that doesn't really count). 

So my resolution is:
To stop thinking about what products I could buy to cover up and to start thinking about the products I could buy to clear up my skin so that when it comes to bed time and mornings I look the same as I do during the day.

I think skincare is a big thing for me, and because I have eczema I've always had to have been careful about products I use, so more often than not I stick to Simple, Witch and the Bodyshop because I know they work wonders for my skin and don't leave it all itchy and sore, boo. 

Do you have any products to recommend on this front? Home remedies? Please let me know! x